where to go in paris??

  1. I'm going to Paris in a few month and would appreciate any suggestions on what to see, where to eat, where to shop, etc!!
  2. to shop definitely go to gallery lafayette (it's the shopping mall) and you walk around rue st. honore (the best shopping street!)

    things to see: you either can ask the hotel or you can buy book about paris, cause that's what i also do everytime i travel

    to eat: many nice restaurants, again you can ask suggestions from the hotel, for dessert you can try ANGELINA TEA ROOM
  3. oooh it all sounds so great!!! Thank you!:heart: can't wait!
  4. Shopaddict, you will ADORE Paris, how can you not.

    How long are you going for? The louvre is a must, and you have to do the Eiffel Tower ;). Autumn in Paris always seems so romantic :smile: