Where to go in Long Beach? (restaurants, shopping)

  1. Do hope that some ladies here (or men) will be able to make some recommendations...
    me and DH love seafood so hope some of you folks will give me some names...and of course for shopping too!

    (planning to go to SCP already)

  2. Long Beach - Go to 2nd St for a day of outdoors shopping. Lots of little boutiques, with some very unique clothes. Great restaurants as well. I highly recommend Open Sesame.

    As far as seafood, head over to the marina and eat at McKenna's or The Crab Pot.

    The Pike recently opened in Long Beach. Gladstone's is also pretty good.
  3. Lelgin nailed it. The Pike has a number of places, Gladstones, PG Changs, Islands, but stay away from the Japanese place cause recently there was a food poisoning case or two. Second street, AKA Belmont Shore is a fun place to walk around and eat, there are a number of boutiques (nice stuff, not tourist beach stuff). Resturants, Puket Thai, Ninos, and pretty much any of the Italian places. The Marina is close to Belmont Shore, but not walking distance, maybe a 4 minute drive. Note that Belmont Shore has parking meters and it is not easy to find a spot, bring change. There are a couple of parking lots on the south side of 2nd street that only the locals know about so you might find a spot there. Have fun, Long Beach is a diverse and interesting place.
  4. My husband likes King's Fish House on Pine Avenue (that leads up to The Pike) for seafood, and he's not a big seafood eater. If you go to Belmont Shores (2nd St) make sure to stop by Pinkberry for yogurt! :smile:
  5. thanks lelgin, irishgal and sailornep! I will need to print your comments out and take it as my guide!!
  6. When are you going, maybe I'll be there!.. Anyways.. Yard house had good food, go see the queen mary, pretty neat. Drive to Santa Monica and go to the pier and the Getty is nice, plus I liked the shopping in Santa Monica it was quaint.
  7. ^^ hey thanks....goin in july though :smile: