Where to go in June?

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  1. What is the most beautiful place to go in June? Where is the weather the best? Thanks!

    I may have a few months to travel, but don't necessarily want a very long five month trip, so I am looking for short trips in beautiful places all over the world, hence the different threads.
  2. Where do you live now?
  3. New England, US.
  4. do you want scenery or beaches? or both?
  5. Why would you ever want to leave? :P

    My two week long roadtrip throgh New England is one of my absolute best trips ever.
  6. Nice.
  7. :lol: Well I was going to recommend Maine, (not in June though, but July/August...June can be iffy...sometimes it's cold/rainy), but since you are from New England, you've probably already been to Maine!
  8. That's funny...we go to Maine every June (before the crowds) and are always pretty lucky with the weather...Southern Maine.
  9. I live in Southern Maine...about 20 minutes west of Portland. Where do you visit when you come? The last few years early June has been hit or miss..usually late June is better, then it can get really hot in July, August which I love!
  10. Hawaii and San Diego or SoCal is really nice early summer:yes: