Where to go in Europe for 6 days 5 nights?

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  1. I am dying to go to Europe... but with a tight work schedule, I will only have 6 days and 5 nights. I am from the US. Is there anywhere in Europe that is worth visiting for such a short amount of time?

    I've looked at several countries but still am unsure since this is my first time!

    Any help is much appreciated!
  2. The countries can be so different. What interests you the most? I think this is long enough to get a feel for an area or one city. London is always a great choice because if you are American, the language is almost the same. The tube is easy to use and the theater is the best along with the best museums.

    I also love Barcelona, Copenhagen, Rome, Florence and some other cities.

    Definitely go! A change of scenery and living in a different culture even for less than a week is such a positive thing to do.
  3. I think you can do Paris justice (i.e. hit all the tourist highlights) in 5 days. If you have no constraints other than length of time I recommend going in late September - October or April - May; the weather is good and you avoid the tourist frenzy.
  4. What is your travelling style? do you just want highlights and see as much as possible in a short amount of time, or would you rather enjoy the atmosphere of one or two exceptional places? What do you enjoy doing when you sightsee/what are your interests/favorite food? it is very hard to choose from what Europe has to offer;)
  5. Does that 6 days 5 nights include the time it takes to travel?
    Are you on the east or west coast?
  6. I would like to see as much as possible but at the same time enjoy myself doing so rather than having it be a stressful vacation. I would love to see/stop by the major tourists sites at any country and eat lots of delicious foods :smile: I just don't really know how to begin planning this.

    You guys may think I'm a little crazy, but the days I have off are in June! I will be traveling from the east coast and yes, 6 days and 5 nights does include travel time!

    I started looking some things up last night, what do you guys think about Rome or Barcelona?
  7. I would think Italy - that way you could could hit a few cities and stay in the same country. Rome, Venice, Tuscany. Maybe even take a train trip and enjoy the scenery between a couple?
  8. London is easy and wonderful! My other suggestion is Munich - easy to take trip to upper Bavaria. And it's so much fun there!
  9. Buzz I think you are a wonderful gal but you have to be joking! LOL
    Oh to be young again & not require sleep.

    OP you are going during the start of a heavy travel season. What are your your guidelines on budget?
    I'd really like to see this trip happen for you.

    I'm leaning toward http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o8Eg-mWdDLc
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    If 6 days is with travel time, then definitely 1, 2 places tops (how accustomed are you to jet lag?).

    Having spent a week in Rome for New Year's I cannot recommend it enough, I fell in love with the city and the people, loud and a bit crazy, but so open and sweet and with big hearts. Another good thing is that Rome city centre is not that big and most of the attractions are within walking distance, no matter where we decided to go, it was about 15-20 minutes by foot tops from where we were. If you decide to go and are planning to visit staple locations and attractions, book tickets online and book them NOW. I'd be happy to recommend you some lovely food places we fell in love with.

    From Rome it is very easy to get a connection wherever you wish. Go for another classic and hit London or Paris, or something a bit less typical for the first choice, like Vienna or Prague or Dubrovnik. If you want to head more towards home than east, I recommend Marseille - much more real south of France than Cannes, then moving towards west Madrid or Lisbon. Madrid is just breathtaking and Lisbon is this crazy mixture of majestic beauty and neglect, yet still very enchanting and addictive (and fado steals your heart forever). I love Barcelona, but in my humble opinion this is a city to go to once you have seen a lot of Europe already and you can give it enough time. I like going there for more than a couple of days - it is good to recharge, just walk around and take the atmosphere in.

    JMHO :biggrin:
  11. IMO, spend your precious time in one city. It's a bit more relaxing that way and you only unpack once. You mentioned Rome or Barcelona. I've been to both and loved both but loved Barcelona more. It doesn't have the things you see photos of in history books but it has such a unique vibe! Look up what we've all said about Barcelona and decide. Rome is likely to be more crowded but still worth a visit someday in your travel future.

    I also am with those who say you can't go wrong visiting London. So much to see and do, so little time in my lifetime to do everything I want to in London.
  12. If you want an easy city without language barrier, then London gets my vote.

    Have you been to Rome? I think it is definitely doable with your time but I suspect it will be crowded with tourists by then.

    My real vote actually goes to Barcelona. Small intimate city with some fantastic sights!! You will be able to see the major attractions WITHOUT feeling that you are on a tight leash.

    Have fun deciding.
  13. LOL well hey the map makes Italy look small!!
  14. I think Florence would be better than Rome. You can make day trips from there to Sienna, Pisa and many other places. The food is, IMO, way better than in Rome.
  15. What is the food like in Barcelona?