Where to Go? Haircut/Color in Santa Monica, CA!

  1. Howdy gang.....
    This is my first post here in the Beauty Bar....going to SM next week and want to get a haircut/color...any recommendations?
    I have short short hair....it's kinda punk-like (kinda like Agnyess Deyn) and I need to find someone who isn't afraid of doing something fun and NOT mainstream!
    Thanks for your help!!!
  2. thanks for the suggestion...I will def take a look-see!
  3. I've been to Trim before...that's the place where you get the haircut for $20 on your first time, right? I was very happy with my cut!
  4. I love my hairstylist at the Hair Cafe on 5th near SM and Broadway. Her name is Svenya, and she's booked two weeks out. I started going to her about 4 years ago with no wait time, and now her reputation is really growing. She takes a lot of Bed Head classes, and can cut hair very "edgy." I usually get a modern looking mullet styled haircut, and I found that she was the only one that "understood" what I was looking for. Most other hairstylists were too conservative or didn't cut it the way I wanted it. I tried Kenneth George and didn't like their services too much. I've heard Fred Segal and Trim might be worth trying out as well, but I trust Svenya too much to go elsewhere.

    Tell her that Thithi sent you if you go... I'm going there soon to get a trim.
  5. thithi -
    Svenya sounds awesome - but will need my cut next week so I've booked w/Trim.....

    dollyrusso -
    thanks for the info/link......am going there next Tuesday! Yeah.