where to go for past season??

  1. So, the more research i do, the more i know what colors i like/want.

    I've decided i like '04 pistachio, '05 dolma green, '05 berry red (rouge theatre) and '07 vert d'eau. (lots of greens...surprising for me!)

    So, almost all of these are past season bags. Is eBay my only hope in findinig them?

    (sorry for being a pest, this will be my first Bbag and i'm excited!!)
  2. thanks for the link. i'm gonna bookmark it and check daily. do you think i'll have to spend $1,000? do you think there is any place i'd be able to get one for around $500??
  3. You *might* get one for that cheap on eBay, but it will not be in very good shape. Pistachio and Dolma are much harder to find and will cost the most out of the 4 you listed.

    Ann's is a very respected and reliable Balenciaga consignment shop.
  4. unfortunately... eBay or consignments would be your only bet.

    as for price... it all depends on condition. Mint bags will definitely go for retail and more. Bags in so so condition will go for less.

    I honestly think it's all about luck and timing though. Good luck with the search!
  5. ^^
    Totally agree, it is luck and timing for sure!