Where to go during thanksgiving sale?

  1. thanksgiving is around the corner and while i know that there are gonna be lotsa sale going on.... but where exactly to find good deals?
    i need some suggestions so that i know where to go before everything is sold out by the time i get to somewhere good......
    all suggestions much appreciated
  2. goto this website http://www.bfads.net mainly for black friday (day after thanksgiving) but also has some ad information for that weekend sales too.

    if you live near an outlet mall, check out their local website, they should have some good deals going on too and most are already advertising them on their website
  3. yes i agree. i'll be going to the closest outlet from me! they open at 12am with great deals until 5am!!!! my sis and i have already worked out a STRATEGY in order to utilize the great deals that day hehehehe!!!
  4. thank you =)))
    ok, i shall be at the LA chelsea premium outlet then!
    i hope i will be lucky enuf to get sme stuff, i am always so slow when it comes to good deals.

  5. Are you talking Cabazon's Midnight Madness? Please share your strategy, I promise to not be the one to fight over the last purse or pair of shoes with you! =)
  6. I'm almost done with my Christmas shopping so on that day it's all about finding good deals for me haha. I'm not sure where I'm going to go, but they are having good sales at H&M!

  7. I WISH it's the Cabazon outlet that we're going to, but it's not! :tdown:we're located in Northern Cali and we'll be going to the outlet here instead. it's not as good as Cabazon, but it's good enough i guess, since i'll be shopping for other people anyways hhahahaha jk.
  8. to those who goto the outlet mall midnight madness.... what time do you get there?? i didn't do it last year but i'm totally stoked to go this year.. just wondering how soon people start piling into the parking lots
  9. My twin sister and I are doing the same thing except on the east coast.
  10. a lot of stores do the door busters from 8-11am (i'm glad fashion stores arent as early as the tech stores). i know Saks usually does 30-40% extra off the sale prices.
  11. Wal-mart is always entertaining... maybe not for the products but the people are generally nuts! After Thanksgiving dinner, I need some good entertainment.