where to get....

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  1. a First online??
    Anyone knows?:confused1:
  2. On Ebay, look for listings that say they are tpf'ers. I see a beautiful 04 first turquoise from a great pfer:graucho: :graucho: ;) (just kidding, sorry I couldn't resist the temptation)

    The ones I have bought/sold have been from tpf and I have been VERY HAPPY!!! What an advantage that we have each other!!!
  3. Thanks!!!!
    Yeah this is the BEST forum ever :yahoo:
  4. The best place to buy a new bbag online would be Aloharag. There's some others that sell authentic bbags like Diabro and Styledrops, but they may be over retail.
  5. Is Styledrops authentic? I've heard yeah and nay from different people???All grands authentic or just a few?