where to get...

  1. LV heart coin purse that was a limited edition during valentine's day?

    i really want it, whether in vernis or MC...

    thanks for your help!
  2. Have you tried eBay? I saw a few of them on there the other day. Pricey though....$700+
  3. I dont really want to go thru eBay...any reputable reseller? thanks
  4. There are reputable sellers on eBay. Your best bet is to find an item and post them on the "Authenticate this" thread and let the experts there tell you if it is authentic. Good luck!
  5. try checking www.let-trade.com every now and then. he had one in stock recently but i guess that was already sold. he may have one come by. with regards to authenticity - yes, he is authentic and also a tpf member. you can also try the search engine at the top of the page to verify this. good luck!
  6. ebay or let-trade.
  7. I saw some on Let-Trade