Where to get Tokidoki in Dallas, TX...

  1. Is anybody else here from the Dallas, TX area? I've seen a few from Houstin/Austin, and I know those cities have a few shops that sell tokidoki.

    I've only seen one store out here that has them, and that's Metropark at North Park Mall, and their options are so limited. I've searched most of the department stores and none of the Macy's, Nordies, Bloomies, Saks carries them. We don't have a Loehman's out here and I've already searched through TJMaxx and Ross stores but no luck :crybaby:

    I've heard some people have gotten lucky at Marshall's but it was miraculous to find one randomly.

    Aside from ordering online or through the outlets, does anybody know any other places where tokidoki bags can be bought in Dallas?
  2. I am! Kindred Spirit! :biggrin: You might as well be telling my story. Metropark IS the only place I know of around here that carries them... and while I do like Tutti and Spiaggia, the only crossbody style they have is the Ciao Ciao... which looks SO much bigger in person! Lots of Zuccas and Giocos though! They also had the Canguro which surprised me. Lots of accessories and Tarina Tarantino items too!

    ...but yeah, I digress. I, too, have tromped all across the Galleria--the Galleria!--and not one to be found in any Macy's, Nordie's, Bloomie's or Sak's. Not to mention all of the TJMaxx and Rosses I've scoured religiously. I will probably wind up getting one on eBay eventually.