WHERE to get this dress???

  1. Inspired by the addiction I have for Kim Kardashian, I saw this dress in another post .. Can anyone tell me where its from, who its by, where I can get one that even LOOKS like it... thanks soooo much! :heart:


    Another [​IMG]
  2. I don't know exactly where Kim got her dress, but I know that bandage dresses like that were first done by Herve Leger. If you search under that name, maybe you'll find something similar to Kim's?
  3. ooo thanks
  4. I know that she buys a lot of her clothes off of eBay, of all things. It might be from there.

    I second the Herve Leger. I've been seeing a lot of vintage Herve Leger in magazines and the dress reminds me of his style, so I wouldn't be shocked if that's what it is.
  5. I would love this dress in black.
  6. She owns a boutique so that might be from her store.
  7. omg her ass is humongous.......
  8. hahaha :roflmfao:
  9. Looks like herve leger to me.
  10. That dress seems like it won't be too flattering on most people. & that girl does have a huuuuge booty!
  11. That's a whole lotta woman.

    She's got an awful lotta junk back there