Where to get the Medium Chloe Paddington in either Whiskey or Chocolate?

  1. I've never owned a Chloe bag, and I think it's about time! I've been in love with the look of the Paddington for a while now, and I MUST have this bag.

    I have set aside a budget for this bag, but I am also open to finding a second hand one, it that's at all possible. Would it be bad of me to get my first Chloe second hand, or should I start off with a brand new one?

    I'm stuck deciding between the Whiskey or Chocolate and I was wondering if any of you have seen any of them in any of the online stores or on eBay? I haven't had much luck finding an authentic Paddington on eBay...

  2. IMO, a second hand Chloe would be OK so long as it is in good condition and comes from a reputable seller.
    I own a chocolate mini paddington and the leather and colour are just stunning...
    There is a chocolate regular paddington on eBay and it supposedly comes from a TPFer... However, have it checked in the ATC before bidding if you plan to do so

    and another one in Whiskey, also from tPFer and to be checked in ATC

    Good luck and keep us posted!
  3. Thank you so much! I posted a link to the Whiskey ebay link in the ATC thread. I think I am really leaning towards the Whiskey color. I already have two bags in a dark chocolate-like color.

    It's a great price too!

  4. Good luck, then... You can check ebay finds in the corresponding thread in Chloe shopping...:tup:
  5. You might consider checking NMLC's, I found a beautiful dark brown front pocket Paddy a few months ago.
  6. What is NMLC's?

  7. Neiman Marcus Last Call... but somebody from the US had better reply to you!