Where to get the Medium Chloe Paddington in either Argent, Aubergine or Anthracite?

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  1. Hi Gals!

    I recently sold my Mousse paddy because the color just wasn't working for me, so now I need to find myself a new paddy:yahoo:

    I'm between the argent, aubergine and anthracite and I was wondering if any of you have seen any of them in any of the online stores or on eBay? I know the argent is on nap and Neiman Marcus, but are there others available?

    Thank you so much!! :smile:
  2. Nordstroms in arcadia & topanga have the argent paddy in store (you could call and order it)
  3. Neiman's and Bergdorf's have the argent online.
  4. I own the argent...I got it from BG online. It's a great color actually. Much more versatile than you'd think yet still different... I recommend it, but haven't seen the other 2 colors in person so can't say compared to those!
  5. I just got an aubergine from eBay, with help of Chloe ladies here, of course. You can see a pic of my aubergine baby in one of the thread. The aubergine has a brownish/purplish undertone too it. Under bright lighting, it appears more shining, with a silverish grey tone to it. If not under direct lighting, colors of the undertone show more. IMO, it is a very versatile bag, and can be worn with any color. The arget is very pretty too. It looks more silver than the aubergine.
  6. Hi gals!

    Thank you so much! It's between the argent and aubergine now...such a hard choice! :drool:
  7. I vote anthracite, cause I love mine!!
    But, I don't have a clue, except Ebay where you might find anthracite now.
    Good luck, keep us updated.