Where to get real Chanel bags?

  1. i really want a chanel bag but i live in Oklahoma and we have no high end stores here. where is a good place to get a real bag and not have to worry about it authenticity? thanks!
  2. My suggestion would be to do some research on the different styles (this forum is a great place to start). Once you know what you want, call either a department store that carries Chanel (i.e., Neiman Marcus, Saks, or Nordstrom in Seattle) or a Chanel boutique and they should be able to send the item to you in Oklahoma. Good luck!
  3. Yea, unfortunately, there are no authorized chanel handbag dealers on the web. You could try ebay and get us to authenticate it here. Also, if you look around tpf, you might see something you like, just like slc said. Then you can call Chanel or a dept store and have it shipped to you.
  4. or drive here to Dallas, it's a mere 3 hrs from OKC and there's 2 Neiman's to buy Chanel at and an actual Chanel boutique!
  5. Wow there are two Neiman's in Dallas? Lucky Lucky Dallas.
  6. No, there's 3!!! LOL! But one doesn't carry Chanel! :sad:
  7. It would be well worth the drive.

    You really can't tell how much you're going to actually like a bag until you see it in IRL.

    Drive to Dallas. Make a nice outing and try on a bunch of bags!
  8. Yeah, I think if you're going to spend $$$ on bags, then a few hour drive to look at bags in person isn't a bad idea. You can even get your bag shipped home, which will save you the sales tax.

    You can also call NM and get on their mailing list because some of their catalogs always have a few Chanel bags and shoes. You can also look at the bags on the Chanel site (it's not the easiest to navigate) and then call their toll free number and find out which boutiques stock it then call the stores.
  9. There's the flagship store on Main St (downtown Dallas) one at Northpark Center mall (Dallas) and the newest one is in Plano (a burb) North of Dallas at the The Shops at Willow Bend.
  10. I need to go to Texas because it seems all the stores are centrally located there. We here in the MD/DC/VA area are some travelling folk.
  11. good point! I have a gal named Shannon that would work her tail off finding the bag you want!:yes:
  12. :lol: I grew up in that area elongreach, you get used to it though.
    Where in Maryland do you live?
  13. I live in Owings Mills right outside of Baltimore, however I grew up in Columbia.
  14. OH yes, come to Dallas!!! Me and KathyD will take you to all 3 Nms!
  15. Columbia was the visionary city and Reston, VA too. ;)
    I enjoyed the aquarium in Baltimore and Annapolis is great too.