Where to get past season color Bbag??...I want MARINE BLUE!!

  1. I know every one is crazy about jaune or violet this fall but I fell in love with marine blue after seeing it at NM on Sat. Unfortunately, they only had weekender and I wanted city. Is BalNY my best chance getting that color or do you guys recommend any other retailer? What's the best way to get past season color? Any advice will be helpful. Thank you!!:drool:
  2. I was wondering that, too. Being new to bbags, I am seeing so many gorgeous colors from past seasons that I have missed. Plus, is it feasible trying to find them new or is previously loved the best bet.
  3. I am sure it wouldn't be too difficult to find a Marine around somewhere. As well as Bal, NY, you should try emailing Aloha Rag or try calling all the NM's to see if they have one, as they can ship it to you:smile:

    Good luck
  4. You should be able to find marine, it will just take a little calling around. If you get a nice SA at one NM, they will check NM stock in general and see. Marine is a great color. I remember seeing a GH brief and was really struck by how deep the color was, very nice!
  5. Diabro.net has a City bag in Ocean. Don't know if it is the same shade as Marine.
  6. Thank you all for your replies. I'm calling BalNY today and will keep you posted with the result. NM SA I talked to on SAT. was very nice and he actually checked stock status for me and said it was all sold out.
  7. Good luck. Hopefully you will find it at Bal Ny. Perhaps also email Aloha rag: love@aloharag.com . Also, try Barneys (call one and have them check general stock). Sometimes it all depends on the SA you get, some are more helpful than others and some go the extra mile.
  8. I just called BalNY and talked to SA Crystal and they do have it!! I asked her if she can send me a picture of that bag via email and she said no problem!! She was very nice. It must be my lucky day!! Thank you all!! I'll keep you posted!!
  9. Ocean is not the same as Marine (or Mer Fonce). :smile:
  10. Hi...I don't know about that color but Real Deal Collection has some of the older colors in mint to new condition. Maybe they could even find you one...Its worth a try...:idea:
  11. as pointed out by joyc3, Ocean is not Marine.

    Diabro only has the First style in Marine. and the prices have gone up :/