Where to get oversized white sunglasses?

  1. I want to get a pair of very large oversized white sunglasses. Any ideas where I can find a pair?

    Thanks! :flowers:
  2. How much do you want to spend?
  3. I know you're in NYC, but I bought some big white Juicy glasses at Nordies.
  4. Truthfully, as little as possible....

    I'm thinking of going mod ... but maybe just for Halloween....
  5. In that case, I would hit New York and Company. They always have boatloads of sunglasses. All those types of stores have them for the most part. I saw some this past weekend in there I think.
  6. I saw some at Aldo and Nine West...
  7. H&M carries white sunglasses too. Saw them there a few weeks ago and they are only $5-10 I think.
  8. Thanks. :flowers:

    I'll check out these places. If I'm going non-designer, then I don't want any logos on them ... if I see a fabulous Gucci/Dior/Chanel I may have to get them though!
  9. there are some cute cheapie ones at target, like $10
  10. I'm a Fred Flare fan. He sort of bands together indie designers... I tried on those sunglasses at Renegade Brooklyn, they're over the top. What is this plan for a halloween outfit?
  11. you can try places like H&M, Target, & Forever 21