where to get letter of inauthenticity? (for PayPal claim)

  1. hi, i'm relatively new to these boards so i apologize if i put this post in the wrong place.

    anyways the thing is on July 28 I bought a Prada handbag on e-bay for $250 (see link below).


    I also mentioned this purse in the "Authenticate this Prada" thread...i think the consensus was that it is a fake (seller has several identical purses, was highly faked model, price too low, etc). Yes, I now I see that I was dumb and shouldn't have bought it. This was purchased before finding tPF so I was pretty clueless about how much fake stuff was on eBay!

    Anyways, upon receiving the bag, I thought it was authentic (again, i was a newbie, this was before coming to these forums), so I left positive feedback and thought that was that. But then after couple days went by and after I used the bag a couple times, I noticed that certain parts (near the handles) were fraying off. I start noticing that the seams were uneven, and that the "Prada made in Italy" logo had square edges instead of round. Also, I just discovered a random tag inside the inside pocket (see pics below). All these things made me suspect that the bag was actually a fake.

    So I filed a dispute with PayPal, saying that I would like to return the purse for a refund because I realized that it was a fake. I said that I didn't know the bag wasn't authentic until afer a few uses where it started it fraying, etc. So I got a response from the seller insisting that the bag was authentic,and saying something that I probably damaged the bag myself in using it and that I only want to return it because I have "buyer's remorse". :cursing:

    So now I don't know what to do. The seller ended communication before I could even reply to her response, escalating it to PayPal claim. I got an email from Paypal saying that I will get emails with further instructions on how to proceed, but that I will probably have to provide some form of proof that this bag is not authentic...mentioned something like a letter of inauthenticity for a reputable source, on letterhead etc. So my question is, how do I go about getting such a thing?? Is it worth it pursuing this claim? Now that I'm pretty sure that this bag is a fake, I never want to use it and I feel bad wasting $250 on it. :sad:

    anyways, any comments/suggestions are highly appreciated...thanks for reading! :smile:

  2. Hi Sweetneet, Sorry to hear about your problem. By chance did you pay with your credit card through Paypal or did you use your bank account? If you paid via credit card (I hope), you can file a claim through your credit card company for "Item not as described" or defective Item, etc. Your credit card company should be easier to deal with than Paypal. It's pretty hard to get a letter of inauthenticity from Prada. However, I believe that you can go through "My Poupette" for such a letter. Of course, you will have to pay them for such a letter and/or service. I've never had to go that route, but if I'm not mistaken......others on tPF have mentioned it before. Hopefully someone who knows a bit more about that can chime in as well. Good luck and please let us know what happens. ;)
  3. thanks miu2 for the response. actually, I did use my credit card (Amazon Visa) through PayPal so I guess I could go through them. Right now I'm waiting on a reply from Paypal telling me what I need to do (i.e. if i really need letter of authenticity, etc). If it ends up being too much trouble I might just go through the credit card company then...

    BTW, how much does My Poupette typically charge for checking authenticity? Do you typically have to send in the item, or do pictures suffice?

    Thanks for all the help!
  4. with photos non-LV's are $15 ... in person it is $50...certificate of authenticty $75 etc.
  5. Smae thing happened to me w/ a fake Fendi, I paid loads of money on a Selleria, what I got in the mail was a Sellerin!!! Paypal said I had to get a letter saying it was fake and I was TOO EMBARRASED to go to Fendi and ask. I was out over $200 also, it sux!:cursing:
  6. eBay/PayPal sucks. Since this seller has high rating, I doubt if PayPal will side you. It is very possible they will ask you providing an authentication letter, which will cost you maybe $75, and My Poupette's respond is slooooowww. Worse comes worse, if PayPal doesn't side you, call our CC and notify them this situation.

    My CC would require me send this bag back to the seller (without notifying them first) with signature requirement (the hot pink slip). Once you obtain their signature of receiving, you could send it to your CC for reimbursement.

    If you have further question about how to deal with eBay/PayPal, you could post your question to the eBay sub-forum.
  7. What PayPal had told me was that they would send me information on where to send the bag for authentication. Once I did that they would follow-up and refund me if they determined it was fake. I bought only one bag on ebay (before I found this forum). Fortunately for me the seller had a 3 day return policy and I let him know I wanted a refund (I also filed a paypal claim to be safe and communicated the same to the seller also). So, I sent my bag back to the seller and I got my money back less my shipping costs which was ok with me.
  8. **rant on**

    If eBay/Paypal is going to demand that their members provide documentation that someone sold them a fake, then by God they better start doing a helluva lot better job policing all the FAKE CRAP they are allowing to be sold. :mad:

    **rant off**
  9. Seems like genuine buyers have everything to lose against fake sellers.
    I understand how you must be feeling. Good luck to you.
  10. thanks everyone for the response. It's been like 3 days and I have yet to hear from PayPal on how to proceed. I'm wondering how long this will take. And yeah, it annoying that the burden of proof seems to always fall on the buyer in these situations. What irks me the most though, is that even if I provide solid proof that the bag is fake (i.e. certificate of inauthenticity from reputable expert) and get a refund from the seller, I don't get reimbursed for the $$ I had to pay for getting someone to look at it (mypoupette authentication service = $75)! Plus probably don't get refunded for return shipping. So in the end, even if I get a refund I will lose about $80. ARGH!

    And I hope PayPal realizes that just because a seller has good feedback doens't mean she doesn't sell fakes!! The buyers of her previous handbags were probably dumb like I was and didn't realize it was fake until later (i.e. it starts falling apart). I just looked at the seller's other items that she sold, and apparently she sold SEVEN of the same identical white Prada handbags. Isn't that proof enough that the bags are fake??? :confused1:
  11. Tell your credit card company!!!!! They will take care of it for you...paypal wont help you! Be sure to mention fraud and replica several times!!! Good luck sorry you're going through this
  12. thanks everyone for the advice. Yeah, Paypal was taking forever (STILL haven't heard back from them regarding what I need to do to prove bag is fake). So I just called up my credit-card company (thank god I used CC and not bank acct!) and explained the situation. They asked me if I had returned the bag or not, and I said I hadn't because I was waiting for PayPal (it seemed like Paypal was going to request that I take the bag to an expert to assert that it was a fake). But the CC company told me that I should immediately return the bag and get a return receipt w/ tracking #, so that they could start processing my refund. Apparently they give the seller a max of 30 days from return of item to give you the refund, so the sooner I return it, the sooner I should get by $$$ back.

    Anyways, so I am going to try to return it today....screw PayPal! It seems like the only way to get a refund from them is when the seller agrees to refund you (happened to me before, when I ended up buying fake Prada pants and the seller was nice enough to refund my money).
  13. I agree with everyone else- file a charge back with your credit card company and screw paypal. Paypal will not help you out. Be thankful that your exposure is limited to $250 - it could have been much worse. Good luck!
  14. ok, so an update:
    i did call CC company and told them the situation. the guy told me that i should first return the bag to the seller, and then they can start processing my refund. well the problem i had with that is 1) i didn't have the seller's address (i was dumb and threw out the box it came in) and 2) i wasn't totally convinced that they would give me a refund once i returned the bag (the seller could claim I never sent it, etc).

    Soo, i decided to stick with the Paypal claim for now. I sent several photos of the bag to MyPoupette and I got a statement of non-authenticity ($35). They faxed the statement to Paypal (cc'ing me a copy in email). Paypal sent me a note that they received it, and that in a few days they will contact me with the status. Well just yesterday I got a message from Paypal saying that if I return the bag to Paypal Returns, i will get a refund! :smile:

    Anyways, its not over until I actually get my refund of course, but its a relief to know that I am *finally* going to get my money back! it's been a month since I've filed the claim. Also, the good thing is that bag will be returned to Paypal (and not the seller), so the seller cannot use it again to scam someone else w/ a fake bag.

    after this, i don't think i'll ever buy prada on ebay again. it's just too risky and there are WAY too many fakes out there!!
  15. So sorry this happened to you. I got burned with my first purchase too. Luckily, the seller agreed to pay me back, minus S&H. After that, I found this site, and these wonderful people, and havn't had any trouble with fake bags. I even bought myself my first Prada with the help of this site! It is gently used, but it is a great vintage bag!
    Good luck with everything!