where to get gucci sunglasses?

  1. hi i'm still fairly new here. I am looking for a pair of sunglasses. I went to dior yesterday and none of the glasses fit my face right. i was looking on the gucci website and liked one of the sunglasses. Can anyone advice where to get it at a good price? or is gucci the only place to get it? thanks!

  2. i don't have that pair of gucci sunnies, but i have a pair and i saw some similar stuff like that at the Nordstrom sunglass store/section and they might be available at Solstice too.

  3. thanks!
  4. check out off5th....u can sometimes score some for SUPER cheap (70ish)
  5. Nordstrom sometimes has discounts.
    I usually get mine from Solstice or Ochiali.
  6. i have purchased gucci sunglasses from Macys, Nordtroms and SunGlass Hut
  7. Bloomingdales
  8. I got mine from Nordstrom Rack for $50.
  9. When Macy's certain coupons, they apply to Gucci glasses and it's usually a 15-20% discount.
  10. ^^ same with bloomies. the 15-20% off everything sale days apply to all sunnies (except chanel).
  11. GO TO OFF 5th!!! :idea: I have bought a few gucci shades from there for under 70 bucks each :graucho:
  12. I've gotten all my Gucci sunglasses from Saks Off 5th! They are usually only $60-$80, and if you happen to be there at a good time you'll find A LOT!! I just bought a nice pair of horsebit ones with crystals on the side for only $70!