where to get dustbags?

  1. So, I am getting more serious about my collection- thanks to TPF :love: and since a few of my nice bags came without dustbags (from outlet stores, for example) I was wondering if anyone knows where I could find plain extra ones? In LA...or online? I need to take better care of my babies- THX!
  2. You can always try ebay!
  3. That's what I was going to say - I just picked up a burberry dust cover to replace one I must have lost ages ago for a vintage bag that is in perfect condition. I was really glad to find it.
  4. I have also seen alot of genuine Chanel dust bags on ebay
  5. You can use pillow cases, hehe..I know it's not designer dustbags but they certainly do the trick!
  6. Thanks guys- and nice idea- luckylacoste...likely cheaper & I can kinda match pillowcase to bag to remember what's what ;)
  7. yes, I just use pillowcases for some of my bags that never came with dustbags... or I just make one if i'm feeling ambitious
  8. I was wondering the same! If you pay over a certain price for a bag I feel it should automatically come w/a duster! I call Zappos and ask about a Via Spiga and the lady tells me no- they come w/out dust bags. So I'm steamed cuz even Charles David comes w/dusters. BCBG girl and the like..... And to me they are around the same price.
  9. Just use pillowcases if you can't find any or try eBay. You can always make your own out of some old fabric or shirts.
  10. If you use a pillowcase, you can take a digital picture, print it out small and attach it to the pillow case. That way you know what's in each pillow case w/o opening it up.
  11. Fendifemale, that's not true on Via Spiga. I just bought one from Bloomies and it came with a very nice dust bag..

    I also use pillowcases for my bags..cheap and does the trick!