Where to get Dior bags

  1. Besides elux, are there any other online stores selling Dior bags?

  2. I believe Dior, like LV is only authorized on elux. But my friend did tell me about this site, I am a lil' sketchy, but they seem to be a seller on ebay as well...www.orangeme.com.

    Since I live in Canada, there is no Dior here! I had to order my bag from Honolulu and get it shipped. Luckily I didn't get dinged too badly on customs!
  3. Bluefly.com but it's usually past season's collections and such I think.
  4. What about Holts in Calgary? There is a new Dior section at the Holts on Bloor in Toronto and they can transfer stuff for you. I found this out from this forum and got on the list for a Gaucho. :nuts: What are you after?
  5. Really? Good to know! Are you located in Calgary too? I'd like the gaucho but I'm afraid I am not ready to spend $2K on a bag...yet haha! :lol:
  6. I used to live in Calgary but I am east now. The Holts there is pretty good. You can always call direct to TO ask them what they have and they will transfer to Calgary. The accessories people are good on Bloor. Let me know how it goes.
    Apparently the gaucho is coming in different sizes and materials. I will really have to think. They are also expecting Chloe and have Balanciaga ( as of last week) there now.