where to get cute flats?

  1. I can't find any cute flats I like anywhere. Anyone have any suggestions where I can look?
  2. What kind of flats are you looking for? I like sportier versions and Keds turned out to be a good line for those types of flats. I like the Cole Haan Nike Air flats as well...
  3. juicy couture has some cute flats @ Nordstroms or bloomies [:
  4. What kind of flat are you looking for?

    My personal favorite is ballet flats and I like Me Too, especially the black patent leather one called the Nevada flat. It has a padded bottom and the shoes are affordable and durable.
  5. I'm open to anything really. My tastes vary.. I just can't seem to find any that really scream out to me. Thanks for the suggestions :smile:
  6. I can only wear flats. I've found some cute flats on Bluefly, and at Nordstrom. If you have a Nordstrom Rack near you, they have tons of flats. Also, check out Zappos.com.