Where to get charms or zipper pulls?

  1. I have a bag that's got tassels for the zipper pull, but I'd like to replace them with something else (something simple). Where can I get cute zipper pulls or even charms? Thank you!
  2. Juicy Couture makes a bunch of different fun charms.
  3. Coach has some cute charms too.
  4. check out tarina tarantino! cute charms
  5. I like Coach charms, you don't even have to like Coach and they are still cute.
  6. I'd say almost anywhere! I make most of my pulls and dangly things, primarily out of sentimental bits and pieces. You can wire wrap almost anything (even in sterling or karat-gold if you so choose) -- add a wire-wrap and a leather or silk cord, and you're good to go! ;)
  7. I'm loving those Juicy Couture ones. I have a few of them, and they all come with gold hardware. I wish they make some in silver hardware too.
  8. Thanks Passerby! Someone from here bought 2 Purse Little Charmer Clips:yes:
  9. Who do you guys think has the best bag charms? I want to decorate my LV Cabas Piano and have been on a search....
  10. COACH and Hermes have the cutest and the most colorful leather charms that are very reasonably priced, IMO.:idea:
  11. check out www.minimoon.net
    i got a couple of charms and i think they are adorable. they also do custom orders.
  12. thanks guys
  13. There's a TPF charm/keychain.
    I personally use Juicy charms.
  14. sorry it was www.minimoon.biz