Where to get Cartier watch serviced?

  1. For those of you who have Cartier watches- where do you take them for batteries and routine maintenance? There is no Cartier retailer where I live. (Richmond VA)
    I just bought one on auction and it isn't even here yet, but I'm already wondering about its care. Thanks!
  2. anyone? Do you have to mail it back to Cartier?
  3. Sorry hun!! I would call your nearest Cartier dealer and see what they advise,you may be able to post it to them registered and insured and they can send it to cartier on your behalf,and return it to you when its done!! But call and find out,at least your in front with the info should you need it in the future xxxxxxxxxxx
  4. yeah my love. do you have a mayor's around there?
    anyway, just call the 1800 cartier line and theyll probably tell you to ship it to their HQ, in texas. get your pocket ready.. batteries and maint are about $660 USD!!!!
  5. Ouch! Oh well, that's what I get for buying a Cartier! Sure wish I could take it to Walmart where they change the battery for a couple of dollars.
  6. Will Cartier service a watch not purchased directly from them or an authorized dealer? I'm thinking that if you bought this watch at auction, Cartier may not service it... somebody hopefully will step in to correct me if I'm wrong.

    My SO bought my Cartier at Tourneau so I plan to get it serviced by Tourneau.
  7. How frequently do you have to deal with batteries/maintenance? For over $600 a pop each time yikes!
  8. i'd call reputable jewelers in your area and see what they ask. i have a wonderful jeweler (not authorized) but he is a wiz with watches...he services mine for less than $200 every couple of years. i can't justify the $600.
  9. You need to take it to an authorized Cartier dealer, and there may be one in your area. As far as Cartier servicing a watch, as long as it is an authentic Cartier they'll service it.
  10. first off i know how painful $600 can be, but for rolex it is about the same thing. Remember, this is for a service + Battery + (free polishing of any metal part of the watch :lol:) which is hilarious because at $600 they should give me a new band metal, or what ever material.

    but please note, you can send your cartier to HeadQuarters, no matter how old it is or from who it was bought from, They dont typically ask. A battery should be replaced at around every 24 months, but a service.... i really am not sure but, hopefully every 18 years. LOLOLOL!!!!!! its been a year since my last servicing.

    please also the price is not $600 flat. it also depends on the watch, pieces they have to replace eg. battery, the time it took for your specific watch, etc. My tank chrono, last cost me $600. It worked perfectly until one day. I sent it in, it was $600. My friend has the same watch, but a bit older, and his was $450.
    so it varies. But i do know is that Cartier wont touch a watch that has been opened by another jeweler, that wasnt authorized. I hear that they really can tell.

    ive bought really old cartiers on eBay for dirt cheap. my last one was the cartier le must, the largest size, which isnt large at all, i got it for $300. It was authenticated after i bought it. after i found out the price of the service for it (about 500), i sold it on eBay for $610. :lol:
  11. Yes, it's shocking, but when you buy a high end watch, expect to have it serviced by the vendor.

    True commentary above about them noticing if you go to an unauthorized dealer for service. And I wouldn't do it anyway. I only get my high end watches serviced either by who sold it to me, or at their boutique for them to handle. If there is ANY issue, they'll know what to do.

    A few years ago, I took my solid gold 32cm Cartier Pasha for a leather strap change at the local authorized dealer, and they put a huge scratch on the back of the case ... and let me leave without telling me!!!! Burned me on that jeweler forever, and now I never take it anywhere but the boutique. I either wait for a vacation to one of their locations, or I ship. It's the smartest move you can make.

  12. my god. :drool: that watch sounds like a beauty.

    but oregonfanlisa is VERY RIGHT!
    think of it as of a car, whom better than to take care of your (lets say) bmw, than BMW Dealer?
    Honestly, the price difference is very noticeable but they guarantee their work, have highly skilled technicians, and have experience with BMWs... unlike, e.g. Richard's Brakes, Service and Maintenance around the corner...

    its exactly the same thing for a watch. that is if you want to take care of it and avoid any problems due to unknowledgeable and UNAUTHORIZED jewelers... I know it seems like a monopoly, cause you can only go somewhere that is directly related to them but it also makes your sure your investment works properly and stays valuable.
  13. I take mine to an independent watchmaker. Cartier's markup is absurd. Watches are watches. The movements in the Cartier are not unique anyway. My watchmaker is Rolex certified and works on vintage and antique watches as well. I trust him and he's 1/5 the price and does the work faster. I must also disagree that they can tell if someone else works on the watch. Unless you are letting a toddler open up the case, there is no way to distinguish if someone not wearing a Cartier nametag has worked on it. The only way you would know is if the watchmaker were to leave a hallmark behind and they don't do that at Cartier anyway.
  14. If you want it serviced by Cartier they will do it,any spurious parts,they will remove replace with thier own,service and charge accordingly.Does sting when this happens though,aint cheap,but it will be logged on their serial number history and what its been in for etc,and the new parts and service will have a fresh 12 months garantee.xx
  15. But this is also true,I have freind who's a Rolex certed tech,and he can service cheaper,but if you go through the store he works in,you have to pay the price Cartier charge. If you know someone who is not fronted in a corporate store who is Rolex trained they may well do it cheaper.
    A watch is a watch to them,brand irrespective,if they can get parts,they can service it.
    However,if they are'nt Cartier approved,they can't order parts if your watch needs them.But there is certainly no harm looking around,just try and land on someone who is certified to a brand,that way they will have had to pass some sort of standard of workmanship to get approval.