Where to get Balenciaga??

  1. I'm so ready to get my first Balenciaga but I don't lnow where to get it. Who has the best selection of color? My initial choice was to order from Balenciag NY but someone told me they do not have much selection for colors. Is that true? Can I get past seaon color from stores? I NEED YOUR HELP!!!:smile:
  2. Hi! Welcome! Take a moment to look at the Reputable Stores Carrying Balenciaga thread. Balenciaga New York might be your best bet if you want to get a specific color/style because they will put you on a waitlist. I recommend Kim as a good Sales Associate there.

    As far as past season colors...it's hit or miss. Any idea on what colors you like (past, present or future)? What style do you think you want?
  3. Thanks fiatflux for your reply. I definately want classic city but can't decide on colors. I have alot of brown bags but I love dark rich brown (cafe?) and black. I also love those vibrant colors like blue or orange color family. Agony!!!