Where to get a Portatelefono for CHEAP?!

  1. Hey does anyone know where I can get a portatelefono for really cheap? I'm thinking under $40 as cheap as it can get! Any print will do!

    I don't know if I should wait for the outlets to mark down their inferno/paradiso...or what dept. store is having a sale...it just gets too confusing

    ..but any information would be great!
  2. Bubblesung, I saw an Inferno POrtatelefone at Macy's Stanford ..I think @ 25% off only. Also they had an Inferno Dolce. OH yeah..were you looking for a pirata DOlce with a Purple haired girl in the middle. I saw one yesterday at VF Macy's. Hope this helps.
  3. Did you check the Southampton outlet?
  4. inferno dolce?! ee i wonder if it was a return...do u remember if they had these guys on the dolce?
  5. hmm.. it has watermelon devil on one side.. and the other side...i am trying to remember....i can't but i think it is pretty cute. I would buy it if it was on sale. If i am not mistaken, it does have a pink tone to it. might be the girl with the ipod but there is another girl in pink too.There is one inferno portatelefono too!
  6. maybe i could buy it n when bags go on sale, get price adjustment? thats how it works right?
  7. yeah..that is a good idea. They are located in the hanger with all the new pirata & adios. You might want to go get it today or ask the SA to hold it for you. Next time I will bring my camera so that I can take a pic incase anyone wants them.
  8. Bubblesung, make sure the price markdown (sale or clearance) is within 2 weeks, thats the amount of time they usally accept price adjustments. After that, they wont accept it anymore!
  9. oh good to know! thank you for telling me that!
  10. yeah someone won a paradiso portatelefono for $20.50 talk about hella cheap!! and she received the item or so that what her feedback says.

    Im guessing people are scared to buy from this seller because of the feedback rating which is 95.8%...so buyers beware...
  11. yeah I was a little worried because of her switched user name... but her only negative is as a buyer still that's why I didn't bid more on the adios bella

    anyways it's cheap and doesn't have tokidoki in the title... so in case you want it :smile:
  12. thanks for the link! i love that one too..lil devil n his icecream!
  13. well so far other ppl that bought from that seller seemed to received their products...so it really depends on how you feel about it...