Where to get a LV bag professionally cleaned

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  1. Hi Ladies:

    I have a LV bag from my personal collection that I plan on selling. Does anyone have any reccommendations on where I can send it in to get professionally cleaned. I did some research prior and Margeret's Cleaners came up. I called and inquired about pricing and they informed me it would be between 100 - 150. Do you think that is reasonable?

    They also told me they will spray the bag with protective spray? Is that even safe? I have never have gotten any of my bags cleaned before, but since I am planning to sell this particular one I want it to be as perfect as I can get it before listing for sale.


    PS I love this site!
  2. I usually bring my bags into the boutique for cleaning or repair. Maybe check in with a LV boutique? I would be hesitant to try to do anything myself, but also hesitant to send to a professional cleaner that wasn't recommended by a fellow LV owner. You might also post this in the LV forum as well, those ladies are the real experts. Sorry I can't be of more help. Good luck!