where to get a hobo

  1. anyone know where i might get a steel or similar dark coloured hobo (not the day)?
  2. There are two dark hobos--black and brown, both with giant gold hardware--for sale on eBay right now. The black one is from a tpf seller (maud40-- or something like that) whom I have bought from and can highly recommend. Good luck!
  3. yep,i'm watching mauds, i was wondering more about the stores though, aloharag?
  4. I know AlohaRag had one in Vert Fonce - GSH last week. I don't know if you're interested in the browns. Maybe they have black or steel too.
  5. yep, i'm watching mauds, i was wondering about the stores more though, aloha and such-like
    does it come in anthracite?
  6. ugh, my laptops going mad, making me post twice ! is vert fonce a brown? i need to go to the reference section !
  7. ooh, yes i like the vert fonce, do you know what the AR price is?
  8. NM Austin has a couple, but I don't remember what colors. Sorry!
  9. $1245
  10. Barney's in Beverly Hills had a few a couple of weeks ago. I'm not sure what colors...
  11. Sabine's boutique online has a couple, Sienna with GSH and Mastic. (The link is in the rec'd shopping sites above)
  12. NM Newport Beach has some dark color hobo w/ GH, but sorry I can't remember the color & combination.
  13. thank ladies !
  14. Neiman Marcus San Francisco also has quite a few hobo's. I think there is one in black with giant h/w but unsure whether gold or silver. Good luck