Where to get a Damier Speedy

  1. I spoke with a live rep online and they don't have any damier speedy. She didn't know when they were getting more. Where else online can I find one?
  2. What size are you looking for???
  3. if you're talking about eluxury, yes they are sold out.
    call 866-VUITTON. they will locate one for you. or try calling your local LV store.
  4. i am about to cancel an order for a 25 but if that is the size you want and if we time it right, maybe you can get it.
  5. I don't have a local LV store. It's 1.5 hrs away. I'm getting a new car next week in Charlotte, NC which is 3 hrs away. I called the LV store and all but 1 is on hold for people. I didn't ask what size. If it's there it's there. If not, I'll just place an order and have them ship it out if it's possible. I don't know what size I want yet. I already have a mono 25 and I do want a 30, but I don't know if I want it in the damier. Maybe the 25 will look better than the 30 due to it's bold colors. I don't know..... I"ll have to actually see one in person.
  6. I saw quite a few in the case displays at South Coast Plaza, CA.
    714-662-6907 Ask for Val, tell her Bjara sent ya. :smile:
  7. NM in SF has the 25 and 30 in stock. Ask for Patricia, she is very helpful. Personally, I think the damier looks better in the 30. I have a mono in the 25.
  8. I hope you get one soon!
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