where to get a chain for stams

  1. i cant believe i lost the chain to my black quilted stam, i have no idea where i put it

    and to be honest, the bag itself without the chain is just so.... dull

    do any of you know where to get just the chain for the stam?
    any suggestion would be much appreciated
  2. you should contact mj directly... i've heard members contacted mj and were able to buy replacement chains for their bags

    good luck
  3. do you mean the mj store?

    i just called them and they said they dont replace chains, and since i didnt purchase it at their store they cant do anything about it...

    thanks for the suggestion though
  4. maybe someone on eBay is looking to sell theirs - some people don't like the chain and sell them - I considered doing this with one of mine but kept it just in case.
  5. the boutiques themselves aren't very helpful with repairs and replacements. you should try contacting the company instead. send an email to repairs@marcjacobs.com and see what they say. mj usually goes through a company called moda express who repairs the bags. they should be able to send or sell you a chain. another member was able to get a replacement part for her bag from them.
  6. thanks so much guys, ill try both eBay and emailing mj

  7. UPDATE:

    i sent an email to repairs@marcjacobs.com and was able to get a replacement chain the next day (was sent via fedex)

    thanks to all of you that helped me, you guys are the best!! :drinks:
  8. What was the price of the replacement chain? I haven't lost any of mine yet, but you never know!!
  9. it was free of charge as long as its still in the 18 months warranty period :tup:

    mine was from the spring/ summer 07 collection so it was free
  10. wow, that seems like it was simple enough! glad you were able to get a replacement even though you didnt buy it directly from a boutique!
  11. ^^ yep, i was afraid theyll ask me whether i bought it at the mj boutique. but i just noticed they sent me a chain for the black patchwork stam :p, the ends arent round
  12. I'm glad it all worked out for you!! MJ rocks!!!
  13. wow, MJ custom service is really impressive
  14. i'm glad to hear everything worked out for you. :tup:
  15. oh, i never knew there was a difference w/ the chains. does it look decent enough? are you going to try to exchange that one for the one that goes with a quilted stam?