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  1. I saw the glitter Pigalle 70mms on Bluefly (unfortunately not in my size!) and I haven't been able to stop thinking about them! I just saw one pop up on ebay but it's a 36 and I need a 38.5 :tdown:. Does anyone know what stores carry them? TIA!
  2. I *think* they were at Barneys LV and BG.
  3. I agree with Lav - I recall seeing them at Barneys in NY, I think they still had them as of yesterday.
  4. Thanks so much ladies! Do you happen to know about how much they cost? I'm also a little iffy on sizing for the 70mm version...I'm a 8 and a 38.5 in CL. Would a 38.5 fit?
  5. I find that w/my 70mm miminettes, I could have gone bigger. My SA says it is because your foot does not slide forward as much as compared to a higher heeled shoe. I think you could go with a 38.5 or even 39.
  6. Thanks!!!