Where to find YSL tribute shoes online or in store

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  1. ....that I can purchase from canada. I am looking for a specific pair..they are black suede/velvet with perforations and a slight open toe I found a picture of purple ones on ebay. Am I allowed to post an auction # this is the title: "

    but I want them in black. I've been to HR they just have purple sandals I think these are an old style thnks
  2. If they're an old style, your best bet would be ebay. If they're relatively new, you can call stores in the US (NOT customer service numbers for their websites, such as neimanmarcus.com, but the brick-and-mortar store) and see if they have them. They are usually willing to ship internationally.
  3. I also suggest calling Barneys NY and its sister stores. Barneys carries Tributes and will ship internationally.
  4. I would say barneys.. also i think NM now ships to canada
  5. thanks I didn't know that...!!
  6. BlueFly has black (and many other) Tribute pumps from Fall 07, and they ship to Canada. Search on style # 2132356
  7. I already have those ones :smile::smile: love them but now I want the peep toe with perforations as well, for some reason it is so hard to find I've been searching ebay
  8. Are the Tributes pretty TTS?
  9. what does tts mean

    anyway does anyone have a list of websites where old styles might be sold (besides bluefly), maybe i should post a new thread
  10. ^It means true to size.

    The classic tribute pump runs slightly large - the tribute sandals are tts.