Where to Find Wisteria Spy (White, Honey, Black)

  1. Does anyone know where can I find these Wisteria Bags...I just got the Zucca and I really like it...so now I need every color...any help? ;)
  2. There's a velvet/fur black wisteria on overstock, a grey nappa wisteria on jomashop and Saks.com (or was it neiman..can't remember) ...every now and then they pop up on online stores or eBay. You can ask a boutique to look around for which ever one(s) you want..
  3. yep, they also had a honey wisteria on Annas fabulous finds recently,

    ooh and a black gorgeous velvet wisteria was on Yoox.com too ;)
  4. shhhh don't tell me where they are I'm trying to forget!:nuts:
  5. ^^ that is gorgeous
  6. ^^ yeah tell me about it, I almost bought that over the blueberry, if it wasn't for the matching blueberry shoes I would have got that.