Where to find whisky Paddy

  1. I badly want one now..
    A couple of weeks ago nice TPFers told me that BG had 1 in stock but I didnt want to spend full price on it i passed! now it's gone!!! :crybaby:

    now im so full of regret!

    does anyone know where I can get one except liverpool cricket (because they never answer my email).

  2. try to re-check ... sometime they re-order or sometime the buyer might return it
    also check neimanmarcus.com, aloharag.com and net-a-porter.com
    good luck :smile:
  3. thanks Andy!

    I check eBay, NM, BG, AR and NAP everyday w/out fail :p
    it has become a routine for me..but it's just so hard to get one...*sigh
  4. [​IMG]Is this the one that you're looking for? If so, it's at Neiman Marcus for $1620. I'm looking for this one in black. Anyone have any ideas?????
  5. Ahhh Aki, Cricket are fab on the telephone, really helpful, but they shouldnt offer an internet service!!! can you believe their website order person comes in ONCE a week to check, so what happens if you order and then it is bought off the shelf in that time :confused1: , so she will only answer your queries when she comes in to check the orders.

    Dont discount them if they do what a whiskey, phone them and ask to speak to Mel, she was really helpful in helping me get a bag I wanted :yes:

    Best of luck with your search
  6. I went onto aloharag.com and found the black large paddington, are they legite? I'm nervous to order?
  7. Thanks Chicky and Chloe Babe

    :yahoo:you guys are the greatest!

    just want to confirm the authenticity of that bag chicky because the only thing that stopping me from hitting the BIN button is I want to confirm it first with you guys...

    Thanks again
  8. Na7noo05,
    I'm just after the regular satchel.
    Thanks heaps for posting that!

    I'll keep an eye for the black one for you..
    Good luck for both of us in these Chloe hunts :graucho:
  9. Aloharag.com is totally legit. I have bought from them. It's big rigamarole though, you have to fax your info to them.
    Good luck:smile:
  10. Chloe -  Paddington Satchel, Whiskey -  Neiman Marcus

    available now on neiman marcus