Where to find & which new coffer?

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  1. I have thought about it long enough. And I must have a new coffer after looking at all of the pictures in this forum and reading how much everyone loves them. I do love the red, but I think I want to stick with the basic brown that I will use the most for upcoming fall season.

    So now 2 questions. 1. Which brown - the nappa or the suede? Nappa come in more than one brown i've seen, I think i like the dark. And 2. Where the heck do you find it AVAILABLE, on sale or able to use a sale code of some kind?

    Thanks for your help!
  2. ID get the leather for durability reasons.I think it looks better too.
    I doubt you will find one on sale.U can always wait for the next Saks EGC event ..I beleive its the third Thurs in JULY.
  3. Brown nappa definitely.
  4. I was very lucky to get my choco leather coffer from recent NAP sale (30% off). Check them often because it may pop up again.
  5. The dark brown nappa is delicious, like a massive pile of chocolate ... verrrrry sensual,yummm!
  6. I opted for the brown (Noce) leather because it was more durable than the suede.

    Saks in San Francisco still has Noce and other colors. Call them and ask for Tino.

    If you're interested in the silver metallic coffer or the purple (black/plum) - call Franklyn at the MiuMiu in New York.

  7. sorry but I think they all are fake
  8. The first two were really obvious fakes to me because I'm staring at my bag. The last was tough but there is no way someone is going to sell for so cheap - so I'm sure it's fake.

    You should post on the "Authenticate this" thread.

    Also, read the "Share your authenticity knowledge" thread. Helpful. The only problem I had was when someone described the "network" or braiding of the bag. I bought my bag from Saks in SF but when I count the braids I get 11, not the 12 that is mentioned.