where to find tomato

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  1. does anyone know if balNY has any tomato in stock, or if any other stores have tomato bags in stock? thanks for your help! :smile:
  2. I think that Nordies in Sac still have some :yes:

    Good luck!! It's a gorgeous lush shade of red!!
  3. I was at Nordstrom Sac on Saturday and they had several styles in tomato including the first, city, GSH brief and GSH hobo. I was drooling over the first and the brief. I love the tomato with GSH!
  4. Neiman Marcus in san francisco has a tomato first and a day in stock...
  5. Barneys in Chicago has a tomato city with sgh. Gorgeous!!!!!! Good Luck!
  6. not sure how far you're willing to go, but Holt renfrew Bloor St. Location www.holtrenfrew.com has the Tomato is First and City both with RH on display when I was there last Friday!