Where to find tiny shoe sizes?

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  1. Hello ladies

    I am appx a size 4-5 and I have never found any pumps in my life that fit me... anyone of you know where I can find tiny shoes??? or anyone share similar problems???

    I know many people say they have small feet but in fact they can fit a typical size 5 or 6 at most stores... I cannot wear any pumps because I size 5 or even 4.5 will leave a big gap on my heel :crybaby:
  2. Have you tried Nordstrom.com. When I did a quick search for size 4 shoes, there were 261 pairs. Maybe you can find a shoe you like there. Good luck!
  3. You might also want to try Zappos.com. They have shoes starting at size 3, and some really cute pumps in size 4. They also offer free shipping and returns, so you can try a bunch of different styles and sizes.
  4. Yeah both Nordies and Zappos is a good place to look. Happy shoe shopping!
  5. hi! I'm a shoe size 4.5/5 too and find it really difficult to buy shoes because the ones that I like never come in my size! I also have never ever worn pumps or slingbacks because the back of the shoe is always too loose and slips off. That said, when I *do* find a pair that i like and actually fits me, I never have to hesitate about buying it because I know how infrequent that is! I've found small sizes in Prada, Gucci, Ferragamo, Bally (sometimes) and the classic Tod's loafers. I mostly wear mules and sandals. I also have quite a few pairs of shoes that are actually half a size too big, but because of the cut, I manage to wear them, and I'm quite used to wearing slightly loose shoes. I always think that if I were a regular shoe size, I wouldn't be able to restrain myself from buying all the wonderful shoes out there, so actually, my small feet are saving me money!! :smile: