Where to find this wallet in US?

  1. Hi, I know I am a little bit late but does anyone know where can I still find this wallet in US? I am in California. I miss the pre-sales and it was all sold out at the local store. Please help!
  2. If it's not available at gucci.com (I don't remember it being there) then you could search the reputable online stores such as bluefly. I don't know if they may carry it in some stores. Of course there's always eBay but maybe that would be a last resort if you're desperate :sos: but check here (or rather the thread that deals with authenticity) to make sure! I'll let you know if I see it around since I'm always browsing (its sad really..)
  3. I saw this one at the Santana Row Gucci (also in CA) when I picked up my pre-sale items. Give them a call.
  4. I'm looking for the pink trim wallets too. I got the tote on the day of the sale, but I never found the wallet to match it. If anyone knows where to find one, please let me know. I will greatly appreciate it.