Where to find this bag??

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  1. I actually have this bag. :smile: Here it is haha: http://i161.photobucket.com/albums/t208/fieryfashionista/Whitesoftcaviarmediumflap.jpg Here's a pic of me with it: http://i161.photobucket.com/albums/t208/fieryfashionista/Closerviewofmysoftcaviarwhiteflap.jpg. :smile: I bought mine at Saks in Greenwich, CT a while back, and recently saw it in a Jumbo flap at my NM. I would ask an SA do a search for you, preferably at Saks. :smile: I'll get the style number if I have it tomorrow... it's a soft caviar flap in off white with the MM (or ressiue) lock and chains, and so gorgeous! :heart:

  2. Your bag is TDF!!! The style number would be great..thanks!;)
  3. I was told by my SA from Saks that they only purchased the medium size, which is $2275. The color on this bag is like a grayish white, and the leather is super soft. Style number is 07A A35310Y04271.
  4. thank you!!:smile:
  5. I saw this bag today at Chanel, San Francisco. Call 415-981-1550 ask for Isabelle
  6. NM San Antonio has one