Where to find this bag AUTHENTIC?

  1. I really am in love with this bag. I just got one off eBay, and it was a fake :sad:

    Can I ask this here?

    Does anyone know where this is online and authentic?
    That one's the fake. I want this bag even more now-- what a tease.

    eBay no longer has any authentic ones unless I've missed one, from what I've now learned!

    Thanks for any help... I'm almost obsessed with this tote-- I think it's gorgeous.

    It was supposed to be my first Gucci bag! : ' (
  2. I'm not sure of that style but you could try gucci.com, Neiman Marcus, bluefly.com (although the authenticity of bags there has been called into question) or stylesdrop.com. These are sites that I've bought from without issue. Good luck!
  3. Too bad your purse turned out to be a FAKE! You are better off purchasing your purse directly from GUCCI or a store carrying Gucci - Neiman Marcus, Saks, etc... If you click here: Gucci - i found the purse on the GUCCI site and it looks like there are 2 sizes. The one I attached retails for $695 for the same model. Good luck!
  4. Thanks for the links to the Gucci site-- I NEVER even thought to look into that category for classics! I don't know why I've always just zipped to what's new. I'm so happy that if I can't find it someplace else I can at least indefinitely own it!

    I'll have to check out that Neiman Marcus, bluefly and those you listed prettygirl3. I'll see what I come up with, thanks for those URLs! It's really helpful because I want to make sure I'll at least have an authentic one.

  5. If you can hold out long enough, it might go on sale at the Gucci store, or Neimans, Saks etc when they have their December sales..