Where to find these windowed boxes for displaying bags?

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  1. Not sure if correct section and so sorry if this is a ridiculous question, but I made an account just for this reason. I was googling best LV bag storage methods, and I came across an old thread from 2010 where a user stored her LV bags in clear-front windowed boxes in her closet. Not sure if they're DIY from the pictures, but I can't find anything like them both big enough, windowed, and w/ holes for air breathing, anywhere. Right now I would like one that would fit an LV Keepall 45. Does anyone have any ideas on where to find boxes like this, or any DIY ideas? I emailed the user, but last activity was in Nov '15. Here's the link of the post:

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  2. Not exactly the same as picture, but these storage boxes all have windows and some are pretty large in size. If it's cardboard, you could most likely put the holes in yourself afterward. The fabric ones I'm assuming it's already breathable.

  3. Hey!-- Just wanted to say thanks. I ended up purchasing one of those fabric zippered ones that prop up. Hopefully the particular one I selected won't be discontinued when I add more to my collection in the future.
  4. H
    Hi! I need some storage solutions myself. Can you please post a pic of what you bought? Thanks!
  5. Hey there!-- No problem. I found this line on Amazon called "Orolay" that advertised a bunch of different sizes (in the description). I wanted to make sure the line had different sizes to accommodate a variety of different future purchases. The brand has a lot of good reviews, but the only iffy thing is that they're either sold out often or are discontinuing. I ended up buying a 100L one, which fit my LV Bandouliere 45 perfectly. I then went snooping, found them on eBay, and bought 3 more just in case they're discontinuing. Either keep your eye out for restocks, or find similar ones.

    Here are links and pictures:

    P.S. They're a bit wrinkly, but I plan to steam them with a garment steamer.

  6. Hey imbuemyblue! Thanks for the heads-up! :smile:
    To clarify, the outer material is a simple cloth (is that cotton?), with a metal (?) skeleton to hold its figure, and the windows are plastic? Just a bit worried about the plastic getting in contact with leather and the possibility of metal getting rust eventually. Let me know! Thanks! :smile:
  7. The outer material is a Oxford cotton canvas, absolutely breathable, but you could always leave a bit of the zipper open if you're skeptical. It says it's also damp-proof and mold-proof. This is the same kind of breathable material suggested for storing your seasonal cashmere and wool pieces in for moth protection, after you've had them properly cleaned. In terms of the skeleton, the sheen on it suggests stainless steel to me, but I'm not 100% sure. I'm not concerned at all about rusting. You could always buy those reusable silica gel packets (check Amazon/eBay) and throw a couple in to protect against moisture. IF anything at all, the skeleton is removable (box is delivered flat), and you could always either treat the rust, coat the material, or wrap up the skeleton to prevent leather touching it. Finally, the windows are a thin, malleable plastic, but unsure of the exact material. You can either opt to take care that your pieces don't push against the plastic, OR you can line the box/cover the plastic with an acid-free material, such as acid-free paper or lengths of cotton. Lengths of cotton is what I wrap my seasonal clothing in before I store them in bags that have any plastic.

    Hope this helped!:biggrin:
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  8. Fantastic!!! Yes your work-arounds are VERY helpful! Thank you so much! :tup: