Where to find the Weslyn Boots?

  1. These are sold out everywhere and Coach in general isn't listed online at the major department stores. Any ideas on where/how to find these?
  2. I had an SA at my store check on these for me a couple of weeks ago and they are totally gone!! I was so mad that I didn't get them a few months ago. I think our only option at this point is eBay...
  3. i saw it at bloomies in black and in whiskey.. on sale
  4. I should have gotten them when there were a few size 9's left, but I waited due to I wasn't sure I really wanted them. Now they're gone :sad: I guess I'll have to wait for them to pop up on eBay.
  5. There is 1 pair on eBay right now. They are a 7.5, but the seller wants $499 for them...
  6. screw that. they know we're looking lol

  7. I was just at my Bloomies and I saw the black, but it wasn't on sale. I guess the price varies from store to store. I am in love with these boots, but I don't think I can pay regular price for them.
  8. I didn't even know the Weslyn's came in black. This color must be a deptartment store exclusive maybe? I want them in whiskey, but an SA at my store told me of this woman she helped who wore hers during a snow storm in NYC and the boots looked like they had burn marks on them from getting wet...I still want them though!
  9. ^^ that's one reason why I debated them. I wouldn't be able to wear them in snow or rain. I guess the black ones would hold up well.
  10. thanks everyone....i am spending all day calling every department store known to man!
  11. if anyone finds a whiskey size 6 let me know!
  12. ^ A fellow TPF spotted them in Bloomies NYC. I called up to see if they have it in Whiskey size 9 but they didn't. You might just want to check with them to see if they have it in your size.
  13. Ohhhhhhhh, those 11's sure are tempting:graucho:
  14. oops double post..sorry