Where to find the one in the ads - Tod's PASHMY BAULETTO BAG

  1. Hi - bene seeing this bag in Vogue, etc in black with what looks like python. Anyone know where to get it. Does Neimans or Saks or Bergdorfs carry? Thanks.

  2. i hope you don't have to travel far to get this but this is what i got when i googled the very intriguing pashmy:smile: read on... it's the fifth ....

  3. It's nylon, it's on the official Tods site, retails for $1.6K

    Neiman Marcus has the smaller version for 1K.
  4. Thanks - I was at Neiman's today & was told they will only have in black with black patent. I will call Tod's store in NYC tomorrow.
  5. FYI - the one I am looking for is the one Siena Miller is carrying in the ads. Black Nylon with croc.

    It's available via wait list (first shipment sold out) at Tod's stores and is $3,300.