where to find the Chloe red bus key chain?

  1. anyone know where to find the Chloe red double decker bus key chain? I know I've seen it hanging off a bag in a Chloe ad, but they do sell it on its own, dont they?

  2. Chloe babe, thanks for the info. I will make her an offer.

    Do you have any clue what the retail price was for this key chain?

  3. Rai,
    I would offer 99 pounds.
    She has two, so if she declines the offer on the first one, you could always aim slightly higher on the 2nd one ;)
    Retail was about a hundred, but its over a season old now, and that should be taken into consideration :smile:
    Best of luck
  4. I'd Love one of these charms - but $317.00 - $370.00 USD - I don't think it will be happening....:wtf: