Where to find soft Chanel sunglass bag?

  1. The black Chanel sunglass case is simply too big for me to carry around in my purses so I've been using the eige soft bag that came with it (it also cleans the lenses).

    Unfortunately for me I've lost my soft bag twice, where can I get another one online? I would go to my optometrist but I'm embarrassed to go and get more:shame:

  2. I wrote this late when I was super tired....what I meant to say that the soft sunglasses bag is BEIGE color, not eige...
  3. When I purchased my last pair of sunglasses at Neimans, they gave me the beige bag inside of the hard case, Just ask them if they have one available for you to purchase or have. Make sure you ask the location where you originally purchased the sunglasses.