Where to find Rolande?

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  1. Does anyone know where they sell Rolande other than NAP? Any info would be helpful. I would like to purchase the nude patent or the black one. Also, does anyone know if the red in the rolande are the same as the rolando red?
  2. try Saks, Neiman Marcus or call their stores nearest you. ChristianLouboutin.fr or something to that affect
  3. That's what I'd do. I'm having the same trouble trying to find a pair of black Rolando pumps. They're sold out EVERYWHERE online!
  4. BG in NYC has the rolande in the same red as the rolando. I got my nude rolandes from footcandy in St. Helena.
  5. Thanks, I was wondering which stores actually ordered them in. Which do you ladies prefer? Rolandos or Rolandes?
  6. there is just something about the rolandes... i suddenly really want a pair of cheetah rolandes!! they are quite old but if anyone sees them around in a size 40, please let me know!
  7. Javaboo - I saw the rolande in black patent and red patent (same red as the rolando) at BG yesterday. I haven't really seen this style in some time now anywhere else. I prefer the rolando over the rolande but that is just me.

    Jred - I just found the link for the cheetah rolandes on sale at Barneys.com, or try calling the stores, I'm sure they can find a pair for you.

  8. I would like to have a Rolando, but because of the height of the shoe my foot is pushed forward and you can see there is room in the back. I may be my own worst critic as I was getting compliments in the store when I was trying them on. I ended up passing on them (for now) and going with the Rolande. I might end up returning my Rolande and trying to find the Rolando.
  9. There are some overpriced ones on ebay.
  10. Barney's had some on sale last week for only $385. I snatched up a pair totally on impulse. Now I regret not having bough the Rolandos for a little more money.