Where to find Riri Zips and Lampo for shipping?

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  1. Hi, good day,

    I'm a bag maker and I'm looking for riri or lampo zips for my bags. Does anyone have any leads? Best if they can offer me low minimums as I only do one-offs. Thanks!
  2. Have you tried contacting Riri and Lampo HQ to inquire about distribution? What about YKK?
  3. I'm not positive, but I am pretty sure, the zippers you've mentioned are exclusive to BV and YSL and premier designer bags. Perhaps they make a zipper without that name for other companies. I would follow the advice above and contact their HQ.
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    This leads me to some curiosity about the type of bags made by OP.
  5. They are not exclusive at all. I believe that you can purchase Riri and Lampo retail. Not 100% sure though, but there are definitely wholesalers out there.

    I initially thought that too, but to hand-stitch them in low quantities does not make it profitable. Besides, Riri and Lampo are two of the best brands (in terms of quality) for zips.
  6. idk, i wonder a little too
  7. Hi,

    Thanks for the help. I've tried contacting them but have gotten no reply, but I'll try again. YKK's ok, it's what I use now but I'm looking for the best.

    As for the types of bags I make, it's pretty much anything. My previous project was a doctor's bag made from elephant embossed leather. My current is a canvas/leather tote and my next is a moss green croc attache and the one after that is a lambskin hobo.

    Thanks again!
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    this is off topic, this isn't a thread for you to do research in please.
  9. Sorry for the error and thank you for the correction.