Where to Find Prada Brown Leather Bowler

  1. Hi!

    My daughter and I were in the Prada Boutique in Chicago and she saw a Brown Leather Bowler type bag that was I think $1395 - it looked like ebay #120034083229 (this one is fake I think tho, but it looked like this only brown)

    I wanted to get it for her for Christmas and I went back last week but of course it was gone... anyone know where to find one and maybe on sale now ???

  2. YES! that is it - but does that site sell authentic???
  3. Yes
  4. hmmm... I am a little leery just b/c that site also sells Balenciagas and those are not ever sold online Authentic, sooo....
    if anyone sees another Brown bowler that they know is authentic, maybe on ebay or at a dept store will you PLEASE let me know ????
    THANK YOU!!!
  5. That's not true. AUTHENTIC Balenciaga is sold online at aloha rag and cult status. And Styledrops does sell authentic Prada. :yes::flowers:
  6. ^ agreed.I have purchased thru Styledrops..They are 100 % authentic.
  7. actually, Aloha Rag only shows their Inventory online, you have to FAX in your order... and I am not argueing the authenticity of Styledrops Prada bags, just that I personally am uncomfortable buying - JMPO :smile:
  8. Yes. :yes:
  9. You know, it's a sad commentary on how many crooks, scammers and bottom feeders there are that in the case of this legit designer bag seller, no one believes they are legit. :shrugs:

    I HATE those crooks! Makes me so :cursing: :cursing: :cursing:
  10. Ihave seen this bag at neiman's andit does not look liketheone theycarried.. be leery! I see a lot of fakes on ebay and fewer real ones!