Where to find OPI Halloween collection?

  1. I'm looking to buy the new OPI Halloween mini collection. I think the Boo-Berry glow in the dark color would be fantastic! Does anyone know if these are out yet or where to find them? I live near a Trade Secret and a Beauty First that are usually very up to date on the new products, but they haven't got these yet. tia!
  2. Amazon had them last week when I checked. It was $9.99+ shipping for the set (4 mini bottles)...
  3. Ulta always has a wide selection of OPI lacquers. At least the one in Dallas does! Maybe you could check there if you have one in your area.
  4. If you have a stylist you go to regularly you can ask him/her to purchase some for you from Cosmo Prof which is a Professional's only store.
  5. I am trying to find them too! Iwent into Ulta and Trade Secret and can't find them. With Halloween around the corner you'd think they would have had them!
  6. I just saw the mini collection last week in the JC Penny salon. Good luck!
  7. I ended up buying them at 8ty8beauty.com thanks to a recommendation, if anyone might still be interested. Maybe they will go on sale for a really low price after Wednesday?!?

    Let's see some pics of halloween nails!!!