Where to find older Bottega Catalogs, Galleries, etc.

  1. Hi...I am new here and not really a bag addict, just carry around a little black Coach wristlet and toss it into a Coach or Vera Bradley if I need a real purse. I happened upon a dreamy leather hobo bag at my favorite second hand place and picked it up for the fall. Except for checking the lining I was unaware of who made it, etc. until I got home. The bag is tagged Bottega Veneta. It is a large woven hobo with tassels at the zippers, one to close the bag, one on an outside pocket. I have searched high and low on the internet via google and Ebay to try to find this bag with no luck. Basically I want to know should I will schlepping this thing to the ballpark and tossing it in the floor of my van or does it deserve better treatment...LOL

    I would appreciate anyone giving me some ideas of where else to try to find past season bags to see if I can authenicate this thing or do I need to clip out the stamped tag and just tote it as a day to day bag without too much concern for it's treatment. Though I am not a bag addict I do not support counterfeit bags, this is evidenced by my stick on Kate Spade tag collection where I have removed them from second hand store bags when they just peel off.
  2. Why don't you post some pics of it, including the inner tag ... and someone here can give you a better idea if it's authentic... ?? I'd love to see it (although I don't know enough about Bottega to authenticate).
  3. I was not sure if it was okay to post pics. Hopefully it is and I added some.

    The bag basics are 18" across at the bottom, drop is 20" from handle to bottom. Tasseled zippers at top and pocket. Nylon lined with inner pockets. Deep brown with a sort of copper metallic wash.

    Thanks for any opinions!
    bv12.JPG vb3.JPG bv13.JPG vb1.JPG vb2.JPG
  4. Wow...well it looks beautiful to me ... the quality looks excellent. Is your 'gut' feeling that it is authentic? I'd be careful with it. ;) Hope someone else more experienced can give you a more definitive answer!
  5. i'm not sure about this one, the lining on mine is suede and probably on most others, the stitching on the inside label looks a bit sloppy and the leather looks a bit too shiny but that could be the light. actually i don't think bv would ever conceive of using nylon to line their bags but i might be wrong. what's the price?
  6. I'm not sure.... The quality looks good though. Most likely an older version....

    Usually for fakes (especially older fakes) logos are stamped prominantly outside the bag. I don't think many fake Bottegas were made because they are discreet bags. Nowadays there are fake Bottegas but they are still not very popular. Bottega didn't start becoming popular again until Gucci bought it and it was only a couple years ago (maybe 2004) that they started showing in fashion magazines....
  7. I don't think the older versions were lined in suede.... Though not sure about this.
  8. hmm this looks interesting.. never seen this particular model.. why dont u check it out with bottega veneta boutique?
  9. This bag is gonna make me NUTS! Price wise...I spent a whole $8 for the bag. I bought it because the leather was the dreamiest, not sure that I have ever touched a bag that the leather felt so nice. I did not even look for a tag when I bought it and just happened upon it when I was about to toss my wristlet into it to carry it. My gut instinct is that it is real. The stitching is really well done, the lining fabric lines up perfectly above and below the zipper, the tag is finished off well, the tassels are pristine. I have no idea if anyone in my area carries these bags. Guess I will go hunting on a local level so I can touch and feel what is in the stores so I can better judge this bag. Oh...and I did notice that BV is not shy about metallic. The bag has a metallic wash over it and I think that is why the leather comes off looking very shiny in photos.

    Thanks for the ideas and comments.
  10. Not all the BV's are lined in suede. some of the older ones have a leather-like synthetic lining, but I've always seen a solid color lining. The BV website has a list of their boutiques and they are also sold at Saks, Neiman's, Bergdorf, etc. but I don't know if their SA's would know as much about authenticity as the BV shops.

    It's a really pretty bag and the leather sounds lovely. Good luck!
  11. well if the leather is that soft i probably wouldn't worry about it too much. $8 :wtf: :wtf: :wtf: someone didn't know what they had if that turns out to be real :wtf: i've never seen an actual fake bv bag, lots of inspired bags but none that were tagged bv. not that it's impossible of course, but it'd depend on the age of the bag.

    could you maybe take some pictures in daylight without the flash? flash and artificial lighting can make leather look very different from what it really does.
  12. :wtf:

    An authentic BV hobo for $8???

    bchratz, you got yaself such a great deal if that bag's the real deal!!!
  13. If it is the real deal then I am just thankful that my local thrift does not know the difference between REAL designer brands vs. wanna be designer brands. You know the thrifts that think Old Navy should go on the boutique rack and you buy St John Knit off the regular racks.

    I will get some daytime shots and post again tomorrow. Now I am getting all giddy that I might own a bag that is worth more than I will ever have to carry in it...LOL (or that might garner me enough cash for a house payment) Hey, stop laughing. I do own several Coach bags but I only buy all leather cause they wear like iron and never go out of style, well maybe my purple backpack is a bit unusual but I guess it is still in style, somewhere, to someone.
  14. $8 bucks?? I hope it's real and you got a steal!