Where to find older bags?

You know, that four letter word. Everything eventually turns up on ebay.

Will Dior check stock for you in all the stores? How long ago was it?
I have no idea on which trip I saw the bag, which is a big problem & there are no Dior stores near me so I dont know if they could find it for me by just my description! I liked that one & the newspaper print saddle. I havent seen either on ebay but even then its so scary!
You know..you ask a great question. Sometimes we see a bag and it's not until later that we want it/can afford it. And from some of what I've read on the forum here, some of the boutiques will still have bags from previous seasons available. But if you don't live near a boutique..what do you do? Ebay is so risky! There's a Gucci from a couple of seasons back that I want BAD..I've been internet searching, but..

Yhassan, I really hope you are able to track down your bag!!
MissV said:
actually i think your goin to love me for this..


I dont know if its real thoe...but good luck babes!!

I actually saw that one on ebay! I'm not sure of its authenticity though...The one I had seen looked just like that one except it had random patches on it...I found the newspaper one on ebay this morning but i'm not sure if it's legit either...I saw Carrie w/ it on Sex & the City & loved it!


I will try & call Dior in Phx tomorrow & maybe I can just describe the bags to them. You never know! I can't find any authentic Dior retailers online :sad: